16th May, 2015

Organic product - what it is and how to recognize it?

Europe finally got a single splat Organic production (12 "stars" in the form of a leaf-green background).

The logo is obligatory for all goods manufactured using eco-technologies by the standards and norms of the European Union.

The standard is called COSMOS (Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard) for cosmetics. COSMOS is an international non-profit association, which includes the German BDIH, the French Ecocert Greenlife, the French Cosmebio, the Italian ICEA and the British Soil Association.

 What is bio product?

In Bulgaria, unfortunately, the producers of bio products are still small. One reason is the complicated procedure of obtaining European certification. There are also so-called conversion period - the certificate has not yet been received, but all the standards already being met - we need to take 3 years, during which the manufacturer is subjected to rigorous inspections by European experts ..

It can be called organic products, companies must collect their fruits and vegetables only the purest and fertile regions of the country, moreover, for their care and subsequent treatment completely prohibit genetic modifications.

The aim is in each product to maintain the maximum amount of vitamins and biologically active substances. For example, certified by the Soil Association Organic products must contain at least 95% organic ingredients. These products, which have between 70 and 95% "clean" content is labeled as "made with organic ingredients".

How to recognize organic products?

Unfortunately, a very small number of users are still unaware of the original sign "Bio" so often unscrupulous manufacturers use the mark "Bio", "Eco" or "Organic" as a marketing tool.

That is why so often milk, bread and other products can be seen with the trade mark "Bio". Some manufacturers go even further, including the mark "Bio" in his trademark.

Unfortunately, the legislative control in this area is still weak. When buying organic products is necessary to read the label to pay attention to the marking (the package must be present to sign the certification "Bio").

As a rule, manufacturers of organic products rather jealously refer to their product and maximum detailing the label information about their company, plant, and occasionally the history, composition, region of production, physical and chemical indicators. Also great attention is given to the best type and quality of packaging - in a word, by all sorts of ways to justify the price of their products.

"Healthy nutrition"

All who are interested in eating healthy, they should know that healthy food is not just this with the "Bio" on the package. These are substances with no reinforcing the taste, artificial additives, preservatives and the like.

People who prefer healthy diet should also understand that any replacement of the natural product (eg saccharin) could have a negative impact on their body. So best replace the sugar with honey.

In conclusion, production and consumption in Bulgaria of organic products will grow in the coming years. And if Europe bio products are quite common, familiar and preferred by consumers in Bulgaria their promotion and strengthening of the market yet.


Author of the article: Alexander Dimitrov

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