9th June, 2015

Precious berries

"You're the berries" - in other words, "You are the best".


In English this expression can express special attitude towards someone who is our berries - wild fruit that ripens in the summer and is a gem. Tricky and time-consuming, even sradkava are words that usually describes the work in the collection of strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. But we hardly are separated with the memory of a quiet Sunday morning in the summer when we were sinking into the aroma of pancakes with jam from blueberries or blackberries.


On the trail of cranes


Evergreen shrub that can reach 30-40 cm high, blueberries are about 100 species worldwide and in Bulgaria meet four: red, blue, black and Strandja. Prefer marshy soils and mountain, even at high altitudes in the northern hemisphere, and need a lot of water.


Blueberries effectively fight wrinkles


For Swedes did meatballs with cranberry sauce remain classics, not only literary - of life Karslon which is prepared regularly despite the rapid development of modern cuisine there. Meatballs are fried in heated oil and served with a sauce or jam from berries, like blueberries prevail. The sauce is prepared from fresh or frozen cranberries, mixed with sugar, salt and a little red wine, boil for a few minutes and pulls the fire.

Blueberry fruit, especially red, rarely eat fresh and freshly harvested because their sour-astringent taste, but are durable, can be frozen or dried for use in winter. In confectionery cranberries, but black and blue even more fully unfold its properties.


Berries strengthen blood vessels


When Bellerophon, a mortal, got on the Pegasus to fly to the gods of Olympus, they punished him and he fell into a blackberry bush. Hurt by thistles, he became lame and blind, which paid its intention to compete with the gods. Thus, in Greek mythology, cute fruit bush proved symbol of impertinence and presumption. The blood of Christ, abode of Lucifer - small and wild blackberries are tinged with folk motifs and beliefs as their saturated color is black.

They were part of the Rosaceae family, in which we find raspberries and strawberries. Thrive in temperate zones and places like Velin rivers and clearings. Grow as a bush, covered rocks and wrapped around the walls.

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