JAM & JAM Ltd. – Bulgaria is a family company established in the spring of 1995 in Plovdiv.

Producing and selling fruit-sugar preserves – Jellies, Jams, Jams with milled fruits, Jam for Diabetics, Fruit floods – Toppings, Jams from selected fruits and Jellied fruits which can be used and put like ready-to-cook foods in the confectionery industry are the basic activities of the company. We also produce another kind of products, developed on the base of natural extracts – Pine-Cone Elixir with extract from Pine-Cones, Herb Elixir with extract from seven herbs and Rose Elixir with extract from Rosa Damascena. The main company policy is to produce high quality products and the major prestige – the production of ORGANIC products.

The company is ISO, IFS and HALAL certified ensuring consistently high quality and food safety.

From year 2010 Jam and Jam is also certified for organic production.

The modern production facilities of the company are situated on an area of 6 700 sq.metres in the South part of Plovdiv city – a district protected from industrial contaminations, situated near the Rodopy Mountain. The numerous products of the company have been presented on the Bulgarian market as well as on the markets of Taiwan, Georgia, Australia, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Romania, Macedonia, USA, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Portugal, Singapore, Israel, Arabian countries, Albania, Dеnmark, Germany, Cyprus, Czech, Poland, Hungary, Iraq, New Zeland, The Netherlands, etc.